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Running for over 8 years now, the Round Hayling Rowing Race is a real test of stamina and seamanship for all Coastal Rowers.

The record time is 2 hours 6 minutes set by Weymouth Gig Club;

2 hours 9 minutes in a Langstone Cutters Rowing Club Solent Galley

flags on race boats

Past Winners include:

  • Weymouth Gig Club; Fastest; Fastest Gig;
  • Langstone Cutters Rowing Club; Fastest Galley; Fastest Ladies; Veterans;
  • Langstone Cutters Gig Club; Fastest Ladies; Fastest Juniors;
  • CRABlakeney Fastest St Ayles Skiff;
  • Lower Thames Rowing Club; Fastest on handicap
  • National Physical Laboratory; Fastest (Thames Waterman Cutter)


The hosts of the Round Hayling Rowing Race are:

Langstone Adventure Rowing; the leading coaching and training and supported of extreme rowing events for fund raising and ‘the challenge’. See;

Langstone Cutters Rowing Club; the oldest recreational coastal rowing club in the 3 Harbours with 7 boats including Solent galleys, St Ayle Skiffs and rowing coastal rowing Skiffs; with over 30 trophies in the Great River Race; the international traditional rowing race; competitors in the Skiffie Worlds in 2016;

Langstone Cutters Gig Club; the first and leading Gig Club in Hampshire, with 4 boats; 135+ Membership and 35+ Juniors squad –competing in the World Gig Championships since 2013, Summer Regattas and the Jurassic League;

langstone adventure rowing
langstone cutters rowing club


The Round Hayling ‘Flag’ Rowing Race Starts and Finishes will be in the ‘New Cut’ on the North Side of the Hayling Island, proceeding in a clockwise direction around the Island, in order to row with the tidal flow along the sea front.


Short Course: Because the race is rowed over a course that includes 5 mile Solent Seafront section, if the  wind speed and direction creates safety issues; a shorter ‘in harbour’ course is rowed – this is 11 miles inside the Chichester Harbour. Whatever the weather the race is rowed!

Coxswains: Each boat must be equiped with a VHF radio and Competent Cox experienced at open sea rowing;

Age limitation: For safety reasons no under 16’s may participate in the full course; Under 18’s may not cox;


For fun, to provide a spectacle and for safety reasons, each boat is required to fly a 3’x2’ flag.


Langstone Cutters Gig Club will provide a steady supply of drinks and food from breakfast to post rowing sustenance! Showers and toilet and free parking and trailer storage are available on site.


Each crew members must pay a fee of £12.00 for entry to cover the safety support, trophies and gifts. Every entrant has a Memento & Certificate to take home – traditionally this has been a unique Mug or Glass suitable decorated or engraved.


Langstone Adventure Rowing work with many charities for fund raising and welcome charity rowers– for which a special prize will be awarded.

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